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Sudden Errors Using PHP Include?

Posted by Joni in General

I’ve been spending most of the weekend converting my web design site to PHP and doing a few other housekeeping chores. The main goal was to take the copyright info and turn it into footer.php and take the sidebar links and convert them to links.php and use includes in all my files. I hadn’t done this in the past because I was scared to death of some security issues with GreyMatter, which I was using on my blog templates gallery page.

Now that the GreyMatter issue is resolved, I went ahead and uploaded all my purdy new files and was hit smack in the face with this lovely admonition:

“Warning: main(): stream does not
support seeking [path/to/page] on line [line]

The page and the includes all load fine. You just have that error message right before any includes you have on that page. So the includes DO work. I Googled the dog snot out of it and finally found the answer.

Seems if your web host has recently upgraded its version of PHP, you will encounter that anomaly, discussed and explained at http://bugs.php.net.

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