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Bells Cash Registers Will Be Ringing

Posted by Joni in General

Since I sold the Street Angel last week and am now running around in a sweet little 1994 Honda Accord LX (sage green), I decided to splurge and update its sound system. I went to a local (my side of town) car audio shop on the Gulf Freeway, Cartronix. Not too many people there had great command of the King’s English. Most of them spoke only Spanish. But the salesman was fluent in my mother tongue so I bought this guy to replace the Clarion aftermarket AM/FM/Cassette that was already there. (That’s going up on e-Bay in a few weeks.) The good news? I was happy that I paid a mere $379 for it, which included installation! As you notice, the MRSP is $550. For once, I came out ahead. (We won’t talk about the hard shell PDA case that someone bought last week and paid way too much for….)

I’ll post pictures of Jane Fhonda (that’s my name for the car; since people just weren’t getting “Fenry Honda”) as soon as I get the Mavica out of the trunk.

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