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Street Cleaning

Posted by Joni in General

Good. Another worthless thug is off the streets today thanks to Baytown’s Finest.

The officers did give the subject orders. He did not comply and the shots were exchanged,” Baytown Police Department Officer Lisa Rynearson said.

Police said Harrison, 18, was shot several times and died at the scene.

“I need to know why he was shot, how many times he was shot, what he was shot for,” said Nick Haynes’, Harrison’s cousin. [And get that shitting apostrophe out of that last name. It doesn’t belong there. Didn’t someone proofread this story?!]

Investigators said Harrison was going to drive them to an ATM so he could take their money.

What an asinine bunch of questions. Why was he shot? He raised his gun at the officer(s). How many times was he shot? He was shot “several” times and is dead. What more do you need to know? It’s called cause and effect, by the way. What was he shot for? Well, he was planning and in the midst of executing an armed robbery. Listen, this guy wasn’t exactly a Boy Scout, was he?


  1. Amber Fontenot

    Kevin Harrison


  2. Amber Fontenot

    Well you guys need to wake up a little earlier in the morning to do your research if you cared,but of course he meant nothing to people like you and no I don’t condone the fact of an elderly couple being robbed at gunpoint or any other human being for that matter,but on the other hand we as as Kevin’s loved ones knew him and his mind state when he left his home that night and we also knew that he would never do such a terrible act! We DEMAND THE TRUTH & WE WILL GET IT!!!!!!


  3. Joni

    Well, Amber, I for one certainly hope you do. And when you do, I’ll be very happy to correct this post.

    Note to SCHITTHEAD: Amber’s comments were allowed through because she wasn’t ugly about it. If you want to rewrite your comment so that it’s fit to print, you can have your say here, too. And that goes for anyone else wanting to comment on this or any other post here.


  4. Diana

    Worthless thug? No, try a very smart, caring, and charming young man. Kevin was special in so many people’s lives and like Nick said we who know Kevin know that he would never do such a thing especially to the elderly. NO WAY! My big brother got would sometimes just give me a “little slap on the hand” for the mistakes I made but one thing he DID NOT allow was for me to disrespect my elders. So here are my questions for “know it all”: Why is it that BPD are having trouble proving that Kevin had a weapon? Why is it that in every report made about this, BPD state that they shot him “several” times? Is it because Officers Slaven and Nelson actually got trigger happy and know that it was uncalled for to shoot 12 shots at a 140 lb. teen who was “maybe” armed. But aside from the details that you lack knowledge of, do you really believe it’s “good” that a life was taken? That a mother cries for her baby boy every night? That a little sister (myself) is now struggling to learn life’s lessons without her big brother to guide her? I pray for people like you.


  5. Joni

    Wow, Diana. I was wondering what happened on this case, as I’ve just been going through my archives tagging posts. Since this post, I’ve seen quite a bit of “trigger-happiness” on the part of police, HPD in particular, but I imagine small town cops as well. Thanks for commenting and thanks for being polite about it. As long as you are, I will always let you and others have their say here.




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