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Step Back in Time

Posted by Joni in General

The Fat Guy‘s what-if supposition has me going now, too!

WHAT IF my parents had a blog? What would they say? I’m adopted so I guess I can only concern myself with my mother’s blog. What would she have to say? What would she write about? What chapped her behind on a daily basis? Well of course, there’s the adventure of “obtaining” me, which is a blog (of mine) for another day, her adventures back in the 1930s driving up to Michigan to get my step-brother, Fred (he was very small then), and being stopped by the police and warned (as a woman alone in a car) about the dangerous “Dillinger gang” that was out and about. About how she set her cap for a certain Lieutenant Colonel and how she eventually won his heart. She might have written down some of her recipes to share with us….

You know you have a relative that has great stories. Too bad so many of them are never committed to writing. Only to someone’s dim memory. Yeah, I really wish my mom had had a blog.

Oh, if only. If only.

P.S. And here’s the car she took that trip in. You can see my brother’s been busy with his flatbed scanner!!


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