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Status of Hurricane Ike

Posted by Joni in General

From the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management:

Status of Hurricane IKE at 8AM CDT Friday, September 12:

  • Moving WNW at 12mph
  • 100 mph sustained winds
  • CAT 2 could make landfall as a CAT 3
  • Will make landfall West of Galveston Bay Area
  • Houston/Harris County will feel Tropical Storm force winds around
    3pm Friday
  • Onset of Tropical Storm Winds for South-East TX 9am to noon Friday
  • Hurricane Winds South-East TX after 6pm Friday
  • Some areas in Galveston Bay will receive 23 ft storm surge
  • Accumulative rainfall will be over 10 inches


  1. David Blangstrup

    Phew! Are you in the middle of it? Going to be evacuated?


  2. Rick

    Where are you? I’m anxiously awaiting your return! Hope all is okay in your area and that you’ll soon be back with us!


  3. Joni

    no mandatory evacuation for us .. we rode out the storm. ;)


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