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Spray That Again

Posted by Joni in General

This day did not start out very well. But the one good thing about days like that is that there’s just nowhere they CAN go but up!

It started out this morning when I wanted to take a shower before going to work. I had spent the night with Robert over at Kindred (the acute care facility he’s now in after his kidney catastrophe earlier this month). The shower didn’t work. I found this out while standing stark naked in front of the faucets at about 8:00 a.m. this morning. Geesh. So I get dressed, pack up my gear and run out of the place bound for home. Twenty minutes, three traffic snarls and one freight train later, I arrive home. I jump in the shower, dress, feed the cats and head to work. I figure if I haul ass, I should be able to slide in there around 9:05.

It’s a pretty morning, my hair’s slightly damp, so I decide to drive with all the windows rolled down and my Chuck Loeb jazz CD blaring.

As I speed down Caroline headed for my building, and as I pass the One Houston Center Garage, all of a sudden, with no warning, a huge wall of water comes flying out of the garage. It smacks the car with a resounding crash, much like an ocean wave. I was momentarily blinded by the water and hurried to put on my windshield wipers. Needless to say, I’m drenched, the inside of the car is drenched, the seats are damp, and I’m pissed. As I drive into the garage in my building, the guard who mans the entrance exclaimed, “Holy hell, what happened to you!?” (Those were his exact words.) I told him that some jackass had sprayed water all over me. I don’t know why or from whence it came but I was madder than an old wet hen by that time (no pun intended).

As it would turn out, it was the wonderful City of Houston Public Works Department. They were testing the water pressure in the Houston Center garage. I guess the bright side of it was that it wasn’t sewer water, but nice, fresh, clean (reasonably), cold City of Houston water. Bayou brew.

Come to think of it, I did notice a really nice shine in my hair this morning. I guess I can attribute it to the second shower I had this morning. Leaving my hair, at least, rainwater fresh.

I should also mention that while I was at our building’s security desk bitching about the incident, the security guard was also handling an incident where several people were stranded in one of the elevators. About the time she was dealing with this, an elevator repairman came around the corner and said, “I was working on that elevator!” Apparently no one marked the elevator as being out of service, so those people just climbed right on. I suppose they were lucky that they were merely stranded and not dead or seriously injured. Yeesh. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one having a bad morning!

As I said before, there was nowhere for my mood to go but up! And that’s what it did, since when I rounded the corner of my desk, I saw my order of Girl Scout cookies. Two boxes of Thin Mints, one box of Shortbread, and Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies for Robert.

To quote Sophie (Ophrah Winfrey) in The Color Purple, “Dey is a God.”

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