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I had a couple of days off, so I used this time to catch up on some errands and take Robert to the doctor. Since his doctor and one of the errands (Social Security office) were within blocks of one another and both within blocks of one of our favorite liquor stores, we just had to go.

If you don’t know anything about Houston, let me tell you that Spec’s Liquor is a holiday tradition. A buddy of mine who used to live and work in the shadow of the downtown Spec’s told me once that it took in more receipts during the month of December than the entire rest of the Spec’s stores did all year. I believed it then, and I believe it now, since they’ve renovated their store in the past several years and it’s absolutely huge now.

Spec’s is more than just a liquor store. It’s party central. If you don’t cook, if you live in Houston and throw parties, you learn quickly that Spec’s is where you want to be. Some of the goodies we brought home the other day:

A pound of Antiqua Guatemala coffee beans; cinnamon tea; loaf of cheese bread; liver pate; goat cheese in cranberry/port sauce; blueberry scones; deli anchovies in tomato sauce; cheese straws (to die for); Ghirdelli’s hot cocoa mix; assorted cheeses (white cheddar, havarti, smoked gouda); Dare’s Celebration crackers (like Carr’s but mo better buttery); some barbecue ribs and roasted chicken from their deli; and last but not least, some cognac for Robert.

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