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Speakers of the House

Posted by Joni in General

I was all set to bid on a new pair of speakers on e-Bay today. Why? Because I noticed that my favorite songs I loaded up using Windows Media Player sounded like… well, to be honest, like SHIT. The bad thing is I have ears like a she-wolf. So it really sounded awful. Music is very important to me. I love having it on at work and at home. And these speakers (Bose three ways with subwoofer) weren’t even that old. They were just old enough to not be in warranty anymore.

Well, when I clicked on the link to the Hangover Song, from my post below, just to be sure the link worked, up loaded Apple Quick Time. And the music sounded crystal clear! So I fired up WinAmp (which I had abandoned in favor of Media Player, since we use it on our NT machines at work too), and the songs sounded great. In short, my speakers ROCK OUT.

So I’m pointing the finger of blame, scorn and shame at my Windows Media Player. What is wrong with it? Missing CODECs?? Anyone?

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