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Mmmmm. Spam. SPAMM (Some Perverted Asshole’s Mailing Me) is hitting my mailbox at work and at home with a vengeance. At work, it seems like I’ve been absolutely bombarded with it. We use Outlook 2000 at the office and I have those spam filters working overtime. When I came in this morning, there were over 40 spam/junk/adult e-mails (and this with a filter in place). In a fit of pique, when I saw all the spam waiting for me, I added some more words to my keyword filter, among them the word “teen.”

Later on that day, my boss called out to me that it looked like I’d been deleting her e-mails to me without reading them. I was puzzled so I went into her office and looked over her shoulder. She showed me her read-receipts. Sure enough, she’d sent the same e-mail to me twice, both times “Recipient Deleted Message Without Reading.”

When she sent it to me for the third time, with me STILL standing over her shoulder, it came back with the same message. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. She was forwarding me a message about a case she’s monitoring through the Texas Appellate Court’s V-Mail system. The subject line read…

FW: Case Activity From the Fourteenth Court of Appeals

Get it? Case Activity From the Fourteenth Court of Appeals.

And my boss’s e-mail address was now in my “Adult Content Senders” ban list! Buwaahhhhaaa! We had a laugh about that one once we figured out what was going on. Guess those filters aren’t fool proof. See, they built a better fool: Me! So I reluctantly removed the word “teen” from my spam filter.

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