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Sony, No Baloney

Posted by Joni in General

That was the tagline for Sony for years with regard to its products and I myself am a die-hard Sony fan[1]. However, I’ve not bought any Sony music CDs recently that were “infected” with the “XCP virus” so I can’t complain about that.

baloney.GIF But Sony finally got the slap upside the head [PDF file] that it needed. And now, it’s under court order to post the settlement on its web site before February 15 (happy Valentine’s day, Sony!). This just goes to show that people have a voice, and many pissed off people have a loud voice. Read the settlement FAQs here (nicely broken down into layman’s terms).

Remember, Sony: No baloney, now!

[1] Currently, we own three Wega televisions, two Vaio laptops, a Vaio desktop, a Clie PDA, a Cybershot camera, an old Mavica camera using 1.44MB floppy disks, two Sony DVD players and a VHS player. We are “Sony’ed up” here at my house, yes indeedy!

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