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Somewhere Over the Memories

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I happened to be surfing the other evening and caught “The Wizard of Oz” on cable. I had to stop and watch it, mesmerized, the whole way through. Just as I had every year for years when I was a little girl. When I was little, it was an “event.” I would carefully plan my bath so as to be out in time to watch the show. Mother always let me have a snack when I was watching TV (which set the stage for my bad eating habits today, no dount!). I’d settle in on my pillow on the floor with my cup of hot cocoa or (if I was lucky) my “coffee milk” that mother would let me have so I could feel grownup.

Although this time, I have to admit, I felt I had more in common with Margaret Hamilton’s character, Miss Almira Gulch, who kept cats and who got a warrant from the Sheriff to take Toto away for chasing her cats around the yard. And less in common with Dorothy, who made excuses for the dog and said that he couldn’t help chasing her “nasty old cats.” Nasty old cats?! No one better ever call my cats nasty! And I catch a dog after them and … well, you can just imagine. So that part of it was ruined for me.

But still in all, I loved that show then and I love it now. And I was amazed at the clarity of the colors even today, the quality of the production … well, all except those flying monkies. You could see the strings on them…. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect.

But it can come pretty close.

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