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Someone After My Own Heart

Posted by Joni in General

Found this delightful site on the MT Forum (amazingly, that’s where I find a lot of great blogs!). She’s implemented a stylesheet switcher to great effect!! (My favorite is Winter Tree, makes my mouth water for spearmint gum!)

I was very happy to find, by reading her About the Site page that she has many “former” blog designs. I wish I’d catalogued all mine. My blog went through so many costume changes. I was beginning to think I was just a weirdo, but it turns out, there are other kindred spirits out there. Trouble is, unlike my own blog, this one’s got CONTENT going on too!!

Her Friday Five sums it all up nicely…. “hang out, work on some designs….” Yep, that’s how I like to spend my quiet time. In front of a computer picking palette colors, layouts and such! I hear ya, sistah!

Blog on, Shanni! Oh, and welcome to my blogroll!

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