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Some Scary Shit

Posted by Joni in Weighty Matters

Okay, after having found the link to Dimensions Magazine, and having grown tired of watching Face the Nation, I surfed on in and noticed some chat. There were several chat rooms, but they all were empty except one, called “Feeder Chat.” Now I thought this was something like server feed or news feed, or streaming video. Yeesh. It was NOT. It was something similar to what I’ve been reading about in Camryn Manheim’s book, Wake Up, I’m Fat. To any of you who do not know what I’m talking about, this is one of the darker sides of human nature. And apparently this is a growing (no pun intended) subculture among the fat and their worshippers.

In Camryn’s book, she tells about how she accidentally stumbled onto this subculture. Apparently, there are some people out there (men, mostly) who “get off” on a really enormous woman. I’m not sure how “sexual” this thrill is. Camryn seemed to feel it was more a “domination” or “power trip” thrill, not eroticism. So the way that rape is less an erotic act, more a violent or hateful act, so too I think is this weirdness. The woman’s goal is to become bigger. When she becomes so big that she is unable to feed herself, she is force fed through a feeding tube some type of high calorie slop. Sex is had through the use of a contraption that is rigged to position the woman’s body in such a way (legs splayed open I would imagine) that the man can enter her. Problem with all this is that once a woman reaches a certain weight, and is immobile, unable to stand, walk or anything else, her body refuses to gain anymore weight. Once this occurs, it is the kiss of death for the hapless woman, because the man loses interest and abandons her for another, less fat, woman whom he can then feed to increase her size, and the cycle starts all over again.

This is human nature at its worst. And the women that buy into this crap are no better. It’s the antithesis to those people (men, again, usually) who won’t give a woman the time of day unless she’s supermodel thin. The men who are “attracted to” a woman JUST BECAUSE SHE’S BIG are no better than men who are attracted to a slim woman simply because of her size. The people in this “feeder” subculture aren’t giving fat women a break and they aren’t being “fat accepting.” They are being just as oppressive toward fat people as the ones who shun them.

It’s not about body size, people. Despite what the media and the cola companies and the car companies and the panty and bra companies would lead you to believe. It’s about what’s INSIDE. But if what’s inside is rotten, then it doesn’t matter how big or small or pretty you are. You have nothing to offer. Just a shell. And as you can see from the above, once the shell becomes unacceptable, you don’t even have that.

Just like with web pages, so with human beings. Content is king.

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