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Some (Rebecca) Blood-letting

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In a previous post, I praised Rebecca Blood’s book, “The Weblog Handbook. It’s got some great blogging do’s and dont’s in it, good, sound advice for how to behave on line in general, IMHO. In a comment, Acidman wondered whether it was merely “dickwitted dumbassery” or if there was really something to it.

You decide. From Chapter 5: Finding an Audience:

Online Rules of the Road
Do not post when you are angry. Period. [Me: Guilty]
Always argue the facts, never the personalities. [Me: Guilty]
respond to personal attacks by ignoring them. [Me: Guilty]

Her best piece of advice: Do not allow anyone to draw you into a flame war; doing so risks your credibility, raises your blood pressure, and waste your time. [Amen, Rebecca!]

And from Chapter 6: Weblog Community and Etiquette:

Things to Avoid
Attacking Others [Me: Guilty]
Responding to Flames [Me: Guilty]
Asking for a Link
Complaining About Traffic [or lack thereof] [Me: Guilty]

There’s also an excellent chapter about protecting privacy, especially the privacy of children. They are mostly common-sense tactics, but still worthy of consideration if you blog and if you have children you blog about. A casual remark in your blog about your child, his school or where he lives can be enough for a pedophile intent on doing harm to a child, especially when coupled with a photograph of the child.

So think carefully before you post a child’s photograph, or make mention of your child’s real name (especially if it is unique) or the city or community in which you and/or your child live.

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