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Some Days, It Doesn’t Pay To Get Out of Bed

Posted by Joni in General

And this was one of those days. I had trouble getting to work this morning. Of all mornings, when I’d resolved to try (try, try) to get there a bit earlier. Ugh!

To my credit, I was actually IN the building, stuck in the garage elevator for about 5-10 minutes. Then on B3, one of the partners gets on, he’s been waiting forever, then we decide to get off on the street level and take the escalators. Well, we get over there and they’re all gutted and blocked off with a nice sign in front that pleasantly suggests that we take the “Shuttle Elevators.” So we go back over there (from whence we came) and meanwhile there’s a queue of people. We get on and some guy in there says he’s been riding around up and down and the doors won’t open on the mezzanine (2nd) level. Yeesh. So we all cram on like lambs (veal?) being led to the slaughter and lo and behold we finally get to the mezzanine and the main elevator banks and as I rush up to an elevator that’s going up, I yell at the person inside, PLEASE HOLD THE ELEVATOR. Naturally, my karma being what it is, the elevator (with the evil person inside) shuts on my nose.

Now, I’m not an OVERLY religious person, but even **I** can take this as a sign I should have stayed in bed. (Of course then there’s the risk I’d hurt myself falling OUT . . .!)

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