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Software Review: w.bloggar

Posted by Joni in General

I downloaded this blog utility from the website http://wbloggar.com/ yesterday. It is strictly for the Windows platform (sorry, Mac peeps). It is not a large program (it’s about a 1.6 MB download), and has a nice interface.

Good Things

1. If you have multiple blogging accounts, you can create logins for each of them. When you start the program, it defaults to the last one you used. A handy drop-down box lets you select a different blog account.

2. It supports several different blog programs, including Blogger, Movable Type, B2, Nucleus, BigBlogTool, BlogWorks XML, Blogalia, and Drupal. It does not support GreyMatter. (But GreyMatter is such a flawlessly written application and so customizable that you’d hardly need a separate tool to manage it. Besides, anyone using Greymatter already has more than a little knowledge of HTML, CGI scripting and PERL, so this would be the answer to a question the GreyMatter crowd never asked).

3. You don’t have to be on line to create your journal entries. If you use Blogger and are on a slow dial-up connection, the lag time between page loads can be frustrating. With w.bloggar, you can post to your heart’s content, save the entries, and then post while on line. Or you can simply have your Internet connection open, and blog away.

4. Your blog templates seem to be a little easier to edit using w.bloggar.

5. It has a very friendly interface which is good if you are a HTML novice. Embedding and linking are easy (just as they are in Blogger), and you have more selection for HTML tags than you do with Blogger (e.g., HR, H1-H6, font colors, etc., as opposed to merely bold and italics in Blogger).

6. It is very easy to upload your posts once you’ve entered them. If you use an HTML editor rather than your blogger’s interface, you have to know how to use FTP programs too. Some people don’t want to be bothered with either, so this tool is perfect for them.

Bad Things

1. No spell checker, but hey, its a free proggy.

2. There isn’t really anything that this can do that a good HTML editor (I use EvrSoft 1st Page 2000) can’t do, so why have both?

3. If you have Blogger Pro (a paid service), you can change your posting’s date stamp. This feature is not supported with w.bloggar. So if you need to futz around with your dates or post to the future, then you need to use Blogger Pro to do so.

4. This may just be a “bug,” but when you retrieve and edit a post for the THIRD time (and subsequently, too, I’m finding), it places these little boxes at the end of every line break. Being anal, I always remove them, and they seem to do no harm. It’s just another annoyance.

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