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Sliding Into Sunday

Posted by Joni in General

I’d almost forgotten about some of my CDs. We’ve got them scattered all over the house, since there are CD players of one kind or another in several rooms in the house, plus a portable CD/MP3 player I got Robert for Christmas. But I found this “stash” in a basket on the other side of the rolling file cabinet. (As with all the other media files I post here, they’ll be up for about 10 days, so grab ’em while you can!)

First, here’s some Jerry Douglas. I was first introduced to this great sound by my ex, a very accomplished slide and steel guitar player himself. (A sidenote about steel guitars: I’m not referring to a pedal steel, but an actual bell brass guitar — those were the old National steels. However, the “Dobro is what has survived. Both types are quite beautiful to look at!)

This piece from his Slide Rule album, is particularly restful. I was listening to it this morning while eating breakfast.

Jerry Douglas “Rain in Oliviatown” 1.92MB MP3

At the other end of the scale is bluesman from down under Dave Hole. I listened to a track of his on a compilation CD from Alligator Records. I loved it. It’s great music to clean your house to as a matter of fact! Dave also plays, among other things, an old 1930s National steel. This track is from his Short Fuse Blues album.

Dave Hole “Dark Was the Night” 4.16MB MP3

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