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Skin and Bones

Posted by Joni in General

For the time being, I’ve decided to dispense with the skins. (Awww! moans the crowd.) As Joanie is wont to say, Bite me! I will probably begin, as time permits, converting most of my skins to free blogskins so check my web design site for updates. Better yet, join the mailing list to get updated when new blog skins are uploaded. For now, I will stick to one design restore my skins slowly, one or two of the best ones at a time.

You may also notice a little green icon at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left. I found this blog tool while surfing today. It’s called the Web Fire Escape and it’s just a link that takes you to a “work friendly” site. Similar to the old “Boss Hide” buttons you’d sometimes find on old PC games. You can set it up to go to a specific site that you deem work-safe (mine’s set to go to the front page of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit). The program sets a cookie for this function so you’ll need to set one for each computer you are using. Enjoy!

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