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Posted by Joni in General

Yep. My site is down again.

There went my rant. Again.

I really need to start working offline on my posts, I guess.

But, honestly? I don’t wanna. I don’t think I should have to.

I guess what I’ll do is go take a shower, get dressed, take my son out into the soggy day, and go to the aquarium. We’ll both like it.

Doing laundry or other domestic tasks can wait until after that.

What I really need is a maid. Or a wife. Preferrably geeky. To handle all my computer stuff. And a few other things. Greg? When ya coming back, honey?

Joni, thanks for letting me post here. When I’m less bogged down by this whole thing, I promise to write something upbeat and articulate. Or not.

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