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Sick ‘Puta up and Running Again

Posted by Joni in General

As you all know, I’ve been without a network card. Just got a new one installed this afternoon and my Roadrunner is back up and running! Yay.

Also, yesterday, I had to run around looking for a replacement CD-RW drive since the Phillips model that came with my less-than-nine-month-old Compaq has already bitten the dust. Why didn’t I take the computer in for warranty service? Several reasons: (1) I need to burn some CDs like NOW! I have a project I’m way behind on, and I also promised some homegrown CDs to take to Robert’s family reunion Labor Day weekend; and (2) I just don’t feel like being without the computer for the entire week that they claim it will take to fix the darn thing.

So I went to Best Buy and bought this little guy for $79.99. I guess I’ll go ahead and apply for the rebate. Hopefully Sony isn’t like a lot of those other fly by night rebate places. We’ll see.

I’ve also scheduled Time Warner to come out and install wireless cable so that I can go ahead and use my laptop to surf with the high-speed connection. So maybe I’ll bundle the Compaq up at that time and send it in for repair. God forbid I should be without the computer, eh?

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