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Shout, Shout, Let it All Out!

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These are the things I can do without. Come on, I’m talking to you.

As Tears For Fears once sang…. There’s been a lot of wondering lately on various blogs here, there and everywhere whether comment boxes add to or detract from a blog. Some feel that people who leave comments (faithful readers? commenteers? stalkers?) are using that person’s comment box as their own personal soapbox. Get your own damn blog they say. Others think it’s a great way to meet your readers, crawl inside their heads, interact with them. That it’s part of the “total blog experience.” The Post and the Comment(s) that the post spawns.

But how does a (responsible) blogger (eww, there’s that word that some people hate!) handle comments that he/she finds offensive? (Read: Will my readers think badly of me if I selectively delete comments of people who don’t agree with me or that I find offensive?) It’s your blog, you can do what you want with it. Personally, if I found a comment that really upset me, it would be gone in a flash.

“Censorship!” will be the cries of derision. To them I say, “Freedom!” Freedom to do what I want with my own personal web space. Anyone who leaves a comment should fully expect that it might not “make it through to the other side.” Of course some commenting programs have such reputations for being buggy (YACCS and Enetation come immediately to mind), one can always claim no knowledge of the scurrillous deed. “Your comment was deleted?” [Blink. blink, shrugging shoulders.] “Beats me!”

Shit. I love comments. I love when someone leaves me a comment. Like a mouse darting out of its hole for a cracker crumb. And scurrying back into the hole after snarfing up that precious crumb. It would have to be really cheesy (excuse the bad pun) and rank, though, for me to remove it. And I wouldn’t remove someone’s comment just because they voiced an opinion that didn’t happen to agree with mine.

Now all-out cat fights the likes of which do seem to happen in Blogdom from time to time…. with a lot of juvenile, sophomoric name-calling. That is pure bullshit. Someone decides however, to repeatedly come to the comment box to leave insults — and we aren’t talking your everyday ordinary, dockyard epithet, we are talking really offensive, crass namecalling for it’s own sake — those would be gone in a heartbeat.

Be that as it may, perhaps you surmised from the above that….


I don’t get enough of them. If Comments were my Blog’s diet, my Blog would be Kate Moss right now! I’m hungry. I’m starving. I need to eat…. Bring ’em on.

Like Jodi says, “Tell me where it hurts.” Like Acidman wonders, “So, whatcha think?” Like Sugarmama implores, “Gimme some sugar.” As Doug invites, “Bitch about it.”

Well? What are you waiting for, you live wires, you?

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