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She Sure Got That Right*

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I was catching up on my blog reading, since I woke up earlier than usual this morning. I enjoy reading Rori because she’s her own gal. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks and most of the time we are in agreement. While I was in her comment box, typing, it dawned on me how long-winded I was becoming. So I came back here to spew my diatribe. My space, my words. Just as at One Girl’s Life.

So here I am, itching to take issue with Rori’s post about her lack of empathy for undocumented workers in a dairy.

Me? I think if a person is enduring an insufferable condition, as these dairy workers are/were, then of course, I think that’s just plain wrong. And it matters now how they got into the country. The focus should be on the CONDITIONS being suffered, not the condition of the sufferers.

And lest for one minute any of you think that the life of the undocumented worker is that of a lazy, shiftless, looking for an easy way out ne’er-do-well, then you should probably go grab yourself a cup of coffee and read this. Yeah,I’d endure a boat ride in the bowels of a decrepit vessel, threatened with personal violation, starved, beaten, exhaused, thirsty and hungry to then turn around, in the Estados Unidas, to face life as a dairy worker, a field worker or just about any other job that offers pay and conditions no U.S. citizen in their right mind would have. Umm-hmm.

Migrant farm workers toil long hours in the hot sun, brushing away insects, for minimum — if they are LUCKY — wage. Why? Because most U.S. citizens won’t work for agriculture’s low wages nor accept the dangerous conditions, which are second only to those found in construction industry.

That paltry wage those undocumented workers are being paid? I believe they earn every penny of it. So before you look down your nose at them or decide that because you had the happy accident of being born here, ask yourself whether you’d do their job for their pay.

Then be glad you have a nice, cushy office to go back to after this long Labor Day (how appropos of this topic!) weekend.

*The title of the post at least.

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