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Sex, Lies and Tire Tracks

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Trial is now underway for the Clear Lake (Texas) dentist accused of killing her orthodontist husband last summer in a hotel parking lot in front of his 16-year old daughter and a crowd of onlookers. I wrote about it right after it happened.

Harris, who is Columbian by birth, has hired Rusty Hardin, a prominent Houston defense attorney, to represent her. Hardin’s been a busy guy this past year, what with representing Andrea Pia Yates (of kid-drowning fame), our embattled police chief and now Ms. Harris. (The widow Harris, for those of you who care.)

I still believe what I wrote almost six months ago. I don’t believe there’s a remorseful bone in her body. I also don’t think this was premeditated. Sure, she might have been at that same hotel the day before inquiring about a room. But if she were intent on killing her husband that far ahead of time, she’d have been out buying a gun. I think it was a crime of passion and a crime of opportunity. But it is still a crime. Sure, the guy might have been a worm of the highest order (and I know a worm when I see one). But I don’t think he should have had to die because of it.

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