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Serbian Wedding Song

Posted by Joni in Culture, Music, Serbia

From the description in the video:

A popular serbian wedding song from Kosovo and Metohia. Although it is performed on festive occasions, the song begins with sad verses: “A dense fog has fallen… not a thing can be seen.” A large number of songs from Kosovo begin with the same verses. These words are a metaphor for the suffering and pain of the Kosovo Serbs in slavery under the Turks. Dense fog symbolizes the burden of life, under the pressure of which freedom cannot be glimpsed (“not a thing can be seen”). In the very next verse, like light shining through the darkness of slavery, the song places a tall tree in sight. Beneath it sits a tailor, sewing a wedding waistcoat upon which silver adornments shine like stars in the sky. These verses testify to the existence of faith, hope and joy even in slavery.

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