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Secretaries’ Day

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It’s almost impossible to have a happy Secretaries’ Day without a nice boss. I am fortunate that I have two. Bossette of course, is being especially tolerate of my recent propensity for coming in closer to 9AM than 8:30AM. But she also realizes that I stay as late as she needs me to, work through lunch if need be, and generally do whatever is necessary “to get the job done.”

My second assignment is a gem. He is a Senior Associate and does most all his own work. He enters his own time, he types his own documents, only calling on me to put the finishing touches on the briefs, and get them out the door.

This morning, the Firm treated us to a light breakfast and handed out Firm-wide support staff gifts. This year, we got portable, folding lounge/beach chairs with dual cupholders made of netting. You should have seen the looks on the secretarial supervisors’ faces when I asked, “Does this mean we can use them during office hours?”!! Well, really. If they didn’t want us to use them, they wouldn’t have given them to us, now would they? It’s called implied consent, right? Right? (Is there a lawyer in the house?!)


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