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Posted by Joni in General

Honestly, you people kill me. You really do. The things you guys search for.

foot soup
liquid courage
acidman [nope, he’s not here; he has his own blog]
jenna playboy pic [from IP]
jenna survivor playboy pic [from same IP]
heidi survivor playboy pictures [from IP]
asian massage parlor [from IP]
jenna [from same IP]
heidi jenna playboy [from IP]
several searches for: scrotal inflation [from IP; again, this is NOT acidman’s blog; he has his own blog]
naked pics [from IP]
Prunella [from IP]
moxi [from IP; and it’s misspelled to boot]
dawn [from same IP]
evelyn hernandez
heidy playboy
amber frey

Oh, and Peter Lang and Martie have tried to login unsuccessfully many times. Jeez, people, give it a rest with the playboy pic searches. I assure you, you won’t find them here. If you absolutely must have your titty and ass pictures, then I invite you to choose the “Naked Half-Truths” skin and gawk at it until your eyeballs roll right out of their sockets.

That is all.

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