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Save the Date (or Dating Site)

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After reading another blogger’s post recently and her mention of the Europe-based lonelyhearts site Meetic (don’t bother to click; it’s merged with Match.com now and if you are on a U.S. server, you won’t be able to access it), I decided to do some poking around on it. It’s actually pretty amazing (and often quite comical) what you’ll find.

For example, apparently, most men (or at least most American men, or at least the ones posting on this site and others like it) do not think there is a thing in the world wrong with having a beer gut “out to here”! Interestingly enough, the bigger the gut, the smaller these same men want their mates to be.

The number of seemingly college educated men whose profiles are filled with grammatical inconsistencies and misspellings is mind-boggling.

The site asks you to rate your appearance. I think this is a two-edged sword. If you answer that you think you are good looking, people will think you are conceited. On the other hand, if you don’t think you are attractive, you can hardly expect anyone else to. What’s the right answer?

“Unspecified” in terms of describing the number of children one has is alarming to say the least.

If you are too lazy to completely fill out a profile, it’s quite possible this trait spills over into other areas of your life. Don’t think that most women won’t pick up on this fact. (And hence, they won’t be picking up YOU!)

While surfing your results, you have the option of “teasing” the person. (I shudder to think what this means and did not dare clicky on the linky.) Or you can add them to what I can only assume is the online dating equivalent of a shopping cart? Rowwrrr!

One man, in a desperate, last-ditch bid, decided to come clean and had the temerity to proclaim in his personal profile that “brains aren’t necessary, but a nice bank account is.” Another warned he was tired of 10-year old Nigerians with parents and would henceforth not be talking to any of these types in the future. (Sorry, girls!)

God, I’m glad I have Robert! Otherwise, I guess I’d have to go out there and do some “field work.”

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