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Saturday Morning

Posted by Joni in General


My brother turned me onto Mystic Moods Orchestra. It’s an acquired taste to be sure, but I find the music very relaxing and restful. This track is called Come Saturday Morning, from the album Stormy Weekend (1970).


  1. Trisha

    Hey, I just had to say that I love Mr. Kitty there. On another note, I have a feeling cooler heads will prevail and I am just burying myself in classwork


  2. Bill

    Hi —

    I have no idea how I happened to come across your site; I was reading SLATE and here I am. I do have to comment about Mystic Moods. In the 60’s they were BIG and believe it or not, I still have a few of their 33’s. Stormy weekend was one of the first released. They had a giant hit names Stormy Night. And, another of my albums has some very wild race car sounds.

    Too bad I don’t know how to transfer the music; I be thrilled to send it to you.



  3. Rori

    It makes me need to go the loo.


  4. rori


    Come back.


  5. David Blangstrup

    Misty Dudes Orchestra? ;) Hm, I better behave this time… ;)


  6. David Blangstrup

    Is this blog dead… or just on hold? ;)


  7. Eve

    great song and thank you I love new music :)


  8. rori



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