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Rincon, Blinkin and Nod

Posted by Joni in General

In the comments section of Acidman‘s recent post, a discussion ensued about the correct pronounciation of his town, Rincon. (Which means “corner” in Spanish.) I always thought it was pronounced “ren-CONE” but I now learn it rhymes with “Lincoln” or “stinkin”!

Here are some other interesting geographic places, the pronounciations of which still amaze me.

1. Soileaux (Louisiana)
2. Bolivar (peninsula near Galveston, Texas)
3. Humble (suburb north of Houston, Texas)
4. Bexar (county seat of San Antonio, Texas)
5. Refugio (Texas)
6. Mexia (Texas)

Click below for pronounciation key.

1. swallow
2. BOL-i-ver (rhymes with “Oliver”)
3. UM-bull (the “H” is silent)
4. Bare (the “X” is silent)
5. Rif-YOO-ree-oh
6. Meh-HEE-uh

Some readers contributed some more names. Added to that is this one: Senoia — pronounced “Senoy.” The contributor wishes to remain anonymous.

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