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Red-Headed Step-Child?

Posted by Joni in General

I’m annoyed as heck. I have a PDA that I absolutely love. I think it’s the best $165 I’ve ever spent. It has a camera, it plays MP3s, it has several games I love, I can keep track of my appointments, grocery lists, to do lists, contacts, surf the net, ICQ and tell time all over the world.

Why can’t I post to my WordPress blog? Because none of the popular moblogging applications out there natively support WordPress. Their offerings? MovableType of course, Live Journal in some cases (which is now owned by MT so that’s a no-brainer), and MetaWeblog API. So that’s the only option for moblogging to a WP blog. But try as I might, I can’t get it to work on any WP blog I have (and folks, I’ve got a few!).

Why is this? WordPress is no longer a lesser-known blogging application. It’s holding its own against and in fact may be overtaking MT in popularity. I don’t have any solid stats on that but would appreciate links to any you may know of. I’m basing this on the fact that most of my web design work is now for WP blogs, with the occasional MT and TextPattern client popping up now and again.

Here’s the rundown of the moblog applications I’ve tried, all without success:

  1. mo:Blog. Supports Blogger, Movable Type, Live Journal and MetaWeblog API.
  2. HBlogger. This one includes weird blog apps that I’ve NEVER heard of. Of course, WP isn’t supported other than through MetaWeblog API. Bah!
  3. PlogIt. This is the only Open Source moblogging software I’ve come across. Native WP? Not on your life.

I’m just tired of seeing Livejournal this and Livejournal that. I’d love to be able to fire up that PDA and bother the world with my pointless, trivial camera photos! Can you dig it? I knew that you could!


  1. David Blangstrup

    No, you simply use Opera’s blog! You don’t have to think of making cronjobs, when you have posted the message to make it show, and you can MMS either to your blog or to your photo album. It’s very easy, and it works! You just have to check the MMS box in your preferences, and voila, up comes the adress when you’re logged in! Did I mention, that you also can download Opera Mini and browse the net on virtually any mobile phone? If you’re living in the scandinavian countries, that is, then it’s free for all, OR if you’re a member of the Opera community – which you are! ;-) I have completely fallen in love with Opera and Opera Mini and Opera Blog – so it’s for you except for your love of skinning blogs – no, you can do that to, make your own css…
    So what are you waiting for? ;-)


  2. Rori

    What PDA do you have?


  3. Joni

    Rori, I have a Sony Clie TJ-37 that I bought on e-Bay last March for $165.


  4. Joni

    See, David, I’m always scared to death to click on your links, because heaven only knows where it will take me! I still maintain that you should go with WordPress. Especially if you enjoy blogging about movies.

    I think you should see if the domain restlessblogger.com is available and grab it!!! ;-)


  5. David Blangstrup

    It’s to my advantage that I have actually _returned_ to Opera blog.


  6. David Blangstrup

    And now I can easily moblog with my Sony Ericsson W800i and Opera Blog! ;-)


  7. Rori

    This new design is really nice.


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