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(Joni, thanks for humoring this.)

No, it’s not your fault about the .org, Manny. It was an unfortunate coincidence that just adds to the frustration. But I did NOT know about the web server upgrade until I got your email about the move (a few days ago).

Was it a straight outage? I don’t know, Manny. All I know is that I couldn’t access it when I wanted to. Was it 24 hours straight? 48 hours straight? 72? 96? Again, I don’t know. Every time I did try over the weekend and this week, I couldn’t get to my site. So yes, I assumed it had been out the whole time.

I’m frustrated over the lack of communication from you guys. Had I just been updated a few times, I wouldn’t have felt so out of the loop.

Had I known the DNS information ahead of time, I could’ve warned people that my site would be down for maintenance. I never got that chance.

THIS outage only adds to the frustration I’ve had several times over the last month where I couldn’t access my site. I don’t have the dates & times right now, but I can get them once I have access again. But it’s been once a week or two weeks – during the day – several hours – when I’ve needed to get there. And I confirm if someone else is having trouble by checking Joanie’s or webjones.org site. If they are, it’s not just me.

Now I can certainly give you guys some time once everything is back in order. But if I continue to have problems accessing my site, well, I hate to move but I will if I have to. Let me stress: I don’t WANT to move.

I do appreciate your accessibility via email and phone. I just ask that next time you email us AND post frequent updates on your main web page. In return, I’ll check with you before getting upset. Thanks for being calm & nice in the midst of our frustration. And I hope there’s no hard feelings. I certainly don’t harbor any. I may be curt sometimes, but I was never angry. I’d have yelled a lot louder had I been truly mad.

Thanks for telling us what’s happening on your end. This is closed in my mind unless you have something more to add. :)

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