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Ready “Arnett,” Here It Comes

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Arnett has long been a whipping boy for pro-war forces in the United States who want to send the message that journalists attempting independent reporting will pay a price. Arnett’s judgment was poor in this incident, but that shouldn’t overshadow his contributions in the past. And the controversy shouldn’t be used to obscure the failures of U.S. journalism in the present.

Food for thought and the final thought in Robert Jensen’s recent article appearing today in Newsday.

I agree, he’s been villified. I’m still waiting for the same treatment for Geraldo. An American citizen who drew a line in the sand showing troop movement like he was the Color Commentator on Chalk Talk!

Now, I’m all for free speech and the right of the people to know. I haven’t heard anyone cry out for the treasonist head of Geraldo yet, but what he did compromised a lot more than the conjectures of Arnett.

… Rivera, who was accused by the Pentagon Monday of breaching rules that forbid reporters to reveal certain troop operations, left Iraq yesterday…. In a statement released late yesterday, Fox said, “Geraldo Rivera volunteered to return to Kuwait from his embedment with U.S. troops after learning of concerns that he may have inadvertently violated the rules governing embedded journalists.”

Breaching rules? Yes, we know what rule they’re talking about. It’s in the U.S. Constitution and it’s called treason. Duh.

And “inadvertently”? He “inadvertently” violated the rules? How stupid do you need to be to not realize that divulging troop movements aids and abets the enemy?

I may be against the war, but as long as we’re in it, we might as well try to win the fucking thing. We can’t do that if every movement is divulged to anyone happening upon a broadcast. Hussein didn’t rise to power by being stupid. (Of course he had a little help from the superpower itself, but that’s a rant for another day.)

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