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Reading About It, Not Doing It

Posted by Joni in General

You may recall my landlord was nice enough to send me a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate. I went ahead and bought a book on blogging, Rebecca Blood’s The Weblog Handbook. The best $11.95 I’ve spent so far on computer books. I’d already purchased the O’Reilly book, Essential Blogging. That was a disappointment, and it was $20. I came away thinking I could have written half of what was in that book. It spent an awful lot of time expounding on Blogger, BlogSpot and a bit on Movable Type. Also, Bloxsom, a pet project of one of the co-authors.

However, Rebecca Blood’s book is head and shoulders above Essential Blogging. Here’s why: She goes into great detail about the concept of blogging, what it is, what it was, what it can be. How to behave online, if you want to get positive attention for your blog, some blogging etiquette, if you will. All in all a great read. If you buy only one book about blogging, let it be that one. You won’t be disappointed.

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