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Radical Al Quaeda Recruiting Troops in Bosnia

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Source: Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), 16 January 2009

Bosnia is once again filled with Al Qaeda propaganda material. Yuba, the notorious sniperist from Baghdad, is shown killing US troops, this time the footage has been translated to Bosnian. The DVD is being distributed in central Bosnia. This is a new attempt to recruit islamic fighters for the wars in the Middle East.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has once again become an area of radical islamists’ recruiting of volunteers among the local Muslims for the Middle East wars, it was confirmed by Western intelligence sources to the RTS Internet Portal. “We have registered renewed activity of radical islamists, primarily in central Bosnia, in an obvious attempt to recruit new volunteers for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip,” a Western intelligence official has stated, who wanted to remain anonimous.

New alert among Western Intelligence officials, who have been following the activities of radical islamists, has been substantiated with a video footage, that was first broadcast by a Sarajevo TV Station, the FTV, which documents the actions of Iraqi snipers on US troops in Baghdad. A half-an-hour story on the murder of US troops, done by a known sniperist, under the pseudo-name Yuba, or the “Judge of Baghdad”, has been subtitled into Bosnian (Bosniaq) language and represents one of four video footages of sniper activity against US troops.

We are talking about international terrorism here, and the body in charge is SIPA, Bosnian Investigative and Protection Agency,” says Robert Cvrtak, spokesman for Bosnian (Bosniaq) police, saying that an investigation is now under way.

SIPA is undertaking measures with an aim to identify the persons connected to the recruitment of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina for the war in Iraq, and to the distribution of materials which depict the murder of US troops“, the Bosnian (Bosniaq) intelligence agency has stated. The DVD, translated into several languages, including Bosnian, is distributed to potential fighters in several towns in central Bosnia, via a network of operatives gathering radical islamists, who have been active in that country since the beginnging of the war in 1992.

The footage, in general, shows a compilation of Iraqi sniper action under a common name Yuba. In four episodes, the killing and wounding of tens of Americans is shown. The individual sniperist, or a group of islamic fighters, under the name Yuba, is accountable by the US forces in Iraq, for the death of more than 100 Coalition troops. Camera men follow the snipers in their actions, and leave a bullet and message that, loosely translated, means: “What has been taken in blood, can not be gained back without blood“.

The distribution of the new footage presents, according to terror experts, a proof of renewed activities of radical islamists in Bosnia, above all the former members of the Al Moujaheed unit that used to gather volunteers from islamic countries, that have fought on the side of the Bosnian Muslims during the war.

Intelligence services have also noted more frequent arrivals of Wehabbi islamists from Western Europe, including several Bosnian “usual suspects” such as Mesud Jasarevic, Esad Brkic, Enver Delic. In previous years, radical islamists have used similar recordings in an attempt to recruit sympathizers in Bosnia, Sandzak (Serbia), Kosovo (Serbia) and western Macedonia. The footages included videos of crimes and training of moujahedins during the war in Bosnia, as well as materials from Chechnya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In order to indocrinate the children, radical islamists distributed scandalous Palestinian cartoons in which death for Islamic goals is glorified.

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