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Quiet Monday

Posted by Joni in General

It’s quiet in the house tonight. Robert is in the back room watching TV. The cats are on the wicker settee here behind me. In case I get up and wander into the kitchen, they want to be the first to know. The street is quiet. I don’t even have any music on while I type this.

I got to work right before 9AM today. And I’m driving in these days, not taking the bus. (I got a monthly contract in the subterranean garage attached to our building.) So what is my excuse.

Malaise? Spring fever. I just don’t want to be at work. And when I get there, I feel distracted. I’d rather surf the net or do just about anything. It’s slow, document-wise, right now. So I have to finish up my piles of filing. It shouldn’t take that long. Normally, I would relish the task. I feel a sense of satisfaction seeing the files, labels neat, my filing bin empty. But lately, I just look at the papers and piles and mess and shut off my computer and go home, thinking… “I’ll get to that tomorrow.” Just like I say to myself every night before I go to bed, “I’ll get to work on time tomorrow.”

We’ll see.

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