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Question for Pet Owners

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I don’t mean to open any old wounds here, but I think it’s about time to think about putting Simon (my 16-year old Maine Coon) down. I didn’t realize how much he had deteriorated until I saw the photos I have of him on the net.

I read an article online that explains in detail about cats’ aging process and how to know when to “let go.”

Did you ever have to put a beloved pet to sleep? Was it a sudden illness? Was it, like Simon, a case of an aging, slowly deteriorating animal? How did you know when it was time? Did you wrestle with it — as I am doing — for days? Even though you knew you would eventually come to the conclusion that it IS time? I just don’t know what to do so I’m doing all I know to do: sit here and cry.

He doesn’t appear to be in pain or suffering. He is a bit wobbly when he walks. I know his vision is somewhat impaired. He doesn’t seem to have kitty Alzheimers, but he is pooping and peeing pretty much where the mood suits him, which right now seems to be in the dining room (where we thankfully have ceramic tile flooring). He doesn’t groom himself as much as he used to and I notice Sunny doesn’t make too many attempts to groom him (bathe his head) like he used to. The article said that cats have no sense of future or tomorrow. They live strictly for the moment. And the critical question is: Is Simon enjoying his “here and now”? I say “yes,” but only to a degree. My heart is saying “no.”

And all of you “it’s only a cat, get over it already” peeps can save yourselves the trouble. Any nasty comments you drop here to that effect will be promptly deleted. (It’s my blog and all that jazz….)

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