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Putting on the Other Hat Now

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This site neatly sets forth the pros and cons for and against attacking Iraq.

Here are some more articles found in favor of war (conservatives, of course, except for Moby, who while professing his liberal views, still manages to argue eloquently why Hussein should be stopped).

  1. Iraq’s Got Secreat Weapons and They’re Headed Our Way (02-17-03 article at WorldNetDaily)

  2. Guide to the Iraq Debate from The New Republic

  3. Should Conservatives Support a War Against Iraq? (Why do lines have to be drawn in the sand between “conservatives” and “liberals”? Can’t someone just have beliefs? Does it have to be an all or nothing proposition? Can’t politics be like a salad bar? (Food analogy; I must be hungry!)

  4. moby.com … Yes, the website of the popular singer. Check out his “My Journal” page and then specifically the “My Opinions” and “Disarmanent” articles. Of all the conservative, LGKSA-type articles I’ve read, his has been one of the more well-reasoned ones.

  5. Looks Like the Band’s Warming Up…. (short Reuters article about attack in Iraqi “No Fly” Zone)

  6. More Fodder for the LGKSA Crowd, Picking on the Protesters

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