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Pulling the Plug

Posted by Joni in General

My ownership of this domain jonielectric.com will expire on August 6, 2003. I have serious doubts about whether I will renew it. I want to concentrate on building my web design business and do other things. But I still want to blog occasionally.

You know, being addicted to domains as I am (I have 13 right now. Don’t ask!), I had snapped up jonimueller.com shortly after purchasing jonielectric.com. I use jonimueller.com, as you may know, to house my growing gallery of wallpaper and other images. There’s plenty of room there.

And in fact, I just redesigned the site, so go take a look. Let me know what you think. What will probably end up happening is that I’ll just create a subdomain at jonimueller.com called blog so that you can reach me by typing blog.jonimueller.com. Pretty straightforward, eh?

Just don’t say you weren’t warned. I’ll probably set up the subdomain in the next few weeks and get this domain pointed there. So once it dies, you should have had plenty of time to adjust your bookmarks.

Goodnight everyone.

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