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Project Walk

Posted by Joni in General

I was over at SpinalCord.org and found ProjectWalk. I’ve never been so encouraged by the videos I watched of the progress some of these people have made. It was very heartwarming to say the least.

I’d love to get Robert into this program or one like it. Insurance won’t pay for this, natch. And the price is prohibitively expensive for us (around $3-4 grand per month, plus it’s in Sandy-Eggo. Only half a continent away. Errch!)

But after looking at those videos, which were very informative and went so far as to mention what kind of equipment was being used and which muscles it exercises, I don’t think there’s anything this place can do that we can’t figure out a way to do right here in Houston. One piece of equipment in particular, called a Versaclimber, I don’t recall seeing at T.I.R.R.

Gold’s Gym, here we come!

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