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Productive Close to the Week.

Posted by Joni in About Me, Daily Grind

Even though I didn’t wash my car this weekend, I did manage to get a few things done just sitting here at the puta. Updated my blog no end! A real Joni blogathon. Oh, which reminds me, I did sponsor Fluttering Moth‘s blog for the Santa Clara (California) Humane Society this past weekend! Way to go, girl. IMHO, there’s no more worthy cause than the animals.

Got my bank accounts all updated in Quicken. This has been something I’ve put off for almost a year. Also, was able to resize my D: partition (the one that contains my images and MP3s) all without rebooting and FDISK’ing, thanks to Partition Magic 7.0.

So tonight I’ll sleep the sleep of the pleasantly productive. And a year from now, I guess I’ll have to balance my bank statements all over again. Goodnight everyone!

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