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Product Image: Qumana
My rating: 1 out of 5

I downloaded another blogging tool today, Qumana. When I went to the web site and started reading about all it claimed it could do, I began to salivate. I have blog testbeds scattered across several blogging applications, on different servers. To have everything under one roof and to be able to post the same post to several blogs was very appealing to me. I couldn’t wait to try it. Its tagline Blogging Freedom crooked its wicked finger at me and I went running.

The first disappointment, but one which was expected, was that I could not get it to work with the Opera Community’s blog system. But I was able to set up all my other blogs, including my many WordPress, TextPattern and Blogger blogs very easily.

To use Qumana, you must open a free account with AdGenta, which places Adsense-type ads in your blog post, geared toward the tags you create for each particular post. You can customize the ad’s look to coordinate with your web site’s design. This is nice. But that’s where the niceties stop dead.

The post to my blogger blogs went smooth as silk with no error messages. The posts to my WordPress and WPMU blogs returned an error, Invalid payload received from xml-rpc server. But it went ahead and posted the entry anyway. Which leads me to my next point. The post itself as it appears on your blog.

The third, and most egregious flaw Qumana has is its output — and that of AdGenta. It’s tag soup straight out of the 1990s! I mean FONT, COLOR, SIZE, and all the HTML tags were in uppercase. There were divisions that did nothing, and worst of all, it put nonsensical non-breaking spaces between each sentence! Yikes!

The thing is gone from my hard drive now, the gleam has faded from my eye, and the drool that had been on my chin from the dazzling possibilities its web site promised have also been wiped away. Blogging freedom? I’ve set you free, Qumana. Goodbye.


  1. Tris Hussey

    Hi Joni, I’m sorry you didn’t have a great experience with Qumana. I’d like to clarify some things. To use Qumana you don’t have to sign up with AdGenta. You can use it just fine with out it. If you click the Advertising button, it will ask for an AdGenta username, but you can click cancel and ignore it.

    Image uploads to WP 1.5.x blogs should work fine. Image uploads to WP 2.0 blogs is a problem that we’re working with WordPress on.

    The HTML output … yes it is not what we’d like and are actively working on. We will be having a public beta of a completely new version of Qumana that has significantly improved the HTML output and brought it up to snuff.

    If you have any other comments or questions, let me know.


  2. Arieanna

    Yeah, if you’re interested in our type of offering, I do have a beta test going that you can volunteer to be part of. I think we solve most of your issues, so far :)

    Email me if interested.


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