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Preparation H

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We’ve decided to hunker down here. I don’t know how prepared we are. I haven’t (and don’t plan to, since it seems to be an utter waste of time and effort) tape or board windows.

I made a grocery run today to Sellers Brothers, a small local grocery around the corner from my house. At 1:30PM today, it was wall to wall people and kids. Fortunately, because they were closing early today and wouldn’t be open again for a few days, they put all their produce, meat and dairy products on sale for 50% off. I came away with some cold cuts, apples, oranges, lemons, pineapple, hazelnut coffee creamer and milk, plus a few other staples. No one seemed particularly frustrated or rude, but heh, it was still early.

The gas station in front of my house was pandemonium, however. Fortunately, I had a pretty full tank of gas and since we aren’t evacuating, we’ll be fine.

Landfall is expected around 1AM Saturday morning. Here’s my hurricane preparedness to-do list:

36-24-12 hours before landfall

  • run all dishes thru dishwasher
  • run couple of loads of laundry (bedding and clothing)
  • clear out kitchen countertops and table top (less flying debris)
  • freeze bottled water
  • make plenty of beverages and put in fridge
  • grocery run
  • backup all computers onto removable drives. store drives in zip lock bags
  • wrap upstairs computer equipment (CPU, keyboard, 2 monitors, scanner, 2 printers) in pastic and stowe under the hip roof area in office
  • pull all furniture away from the windows and in front of computer equipment, cover with plastic and tape well
  • charge my nokia 800 and both zunes
  • move all furniture away from windows, cover when plastic if possible
  • take mirrors and artwork off walls
  • wrap stereo equipment in plastic
  • check all outside windows, seal any holes with duct tape
  • make sure there is nothing in the yard that could become airborne (e.g., trashcan, lawn furniture)
  • pick as much stuff off the floor as possible and put it on table tops or on closet shelves
  • round up batteries, flashlights, important documents, personal electronic items
  • set portable radio to KTRH AM so it’s ready to go
  • fill containers with filtered drinking water (at least 4, preferably 6)
  • charge both cellphones
  • take shower
  • scrub bathtub with simple green or bleach

12-2 hours before landfall

  • round up our laptops and other portable computer equipment, wrap in plastic, store in laptop bags
  • put laptop bags into hefty bag and store on closet shelf
  • make sandwiches and put in fridge
  • Fill washing machine with wter for washing and toilet flushing
  • make sure cat’s food is handy and he has a water bowl at the ready
  • fill bathtub with water
  • gather several flashlights and make sure spare batteries are at hand
  • pack one duffel with some clothing and toiletries in case we have to go somewhere in a hurry
  • get robert into his chair
  • feed cat and make sure he visits his litter tray
  • put cat into sherpa carrier
  • shut off power at breaker box
  • hunker down in big hallway near dining room for a few hours and hope for the best

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