Who Does She Think She Is?

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Posted by Joni in General

Of great interest to the real Acidman — Despite the recent commenter’s sentiments to the contrary, as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one Acidman and it sure ain’t this posturing fool!

I guess he Googled the word “Acidman,” found my blog and spewed his venom. Judging from his e-mail address (moc.oohaynull@52dslnamdica), he sounds like he’s had one too many hits in his lifetime. To quote again from the venerable Acidman (uh, the “real” one),


His post sounds childish; why anyone would want to impersonate this loser is beyond me. He’s too stupid to recognize satire when he sees it. And if he’s looking for the person he believes is impersonating him, he’s not done a very good job of locating him. Because I don’t suffer these kind of juvenile fools gladly, it’s only despite tremendous temptation that I’ve NOT banned his IP address ( However, I like to keep these kind of things up, as a testament to their author’s stupidity. Which is its own reward, I guess.

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