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What do crackers and Pop-Tarts have in common? A lot apparently. A Georgia litigant has joined the list of people who’ve filed lawsuits against Kellogg’s, makers of the popular Pop-Tart breakfast pastry after a Pop-Tart caught fire and severely damaged his “crackerbox” (as Acidman refers to his lair).


This incident has been fodder for humorists since the first suit in 1993. Here‘s
the Law.com article on the most recent suit.

And these people have taken the ball and run with it:
Strange and Failed Toaster Foods
Article at TermLimits.org
Which Brand of Toaster Pastry Is the Best?
Taking the Toaster Out of the Equation

Personally, I prefer Toaster Strudel strawberry or raspberry myself. But I’ll take what I can get. Actually, when it comes to Pop-Tarts and their clones, I don’t like them heated up. I’d rather eat them “raw” as it were. At my desk at work. The Toaster Strudel is a treat that I reserve for late-night snack attacks.

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