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Pimp Daddy Mac

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Not only am I passing the hat, but I’m donning it as well….


You really should go check out these great blogs….

Michelle got to do some unplanned home redecorating — or rather, her significant other did — while she napped. Way to go, girl! Michelle also collects original comic book art (hence her domain name). Check out her other blog which features this intriguing artwork.

The Venomous One has a survey that you really should take, 50 Most Defining Moments in History; and there isn’t a limit to this or the 20th century. I’m curious about her results. Will give us Blogathoners something to ponder over while slurping down potfuls of strong hot coffee!

Beer Mary of Rant-O-Rama has just unveiled her new blog specifically for the Blogathon. She’s also in need of guest posters with their own pet anecdotes. Go on over and check out her way-cool design. And if you’ve got a pet story to tell, tell it to Mary!

Queen MedB has a new photo gallery at her web site. Take a peek. She and her partner in crime make a charming couple.

My Favorite Cracker sure has been doing a lot of deep thinking since his recent operation. Kinda makes me wonder what exactly they did to him. Never mind. I love him anyway. Hey, the guy donated to my cat charity and he doesn’t even LIKE cats. (At least not that he’ll publicly admit!) But my advice to you, Rob, is this: Don’t think about it, just do it!

Loretta, at Observations of a Misfit hits the nail on the head with her deadly driving sins. She admits to a few of them, and so do I. Although I have found since I drive a stick shift, it’s damned near impossible to eat and drive at the same time, unless you are on the interstate with the cruise control set at a cool 78 MPH. Loretta also shares her views on the shit storm du jour, the Kobe debacle.

Michael of StarHawk peruses the pros and cons of living in Houston. He also makes a pretty good case for New York City, too.

Glad you enjoyed the tour of my sponsors list…. Don’t forget to support a favorite blogger in the Blogathon this year!

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