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PayPal has a lovely new look. But you’d be hard-pressed to see it. The site’s been down pretty much continously since late Sunday night. Never was the tired old maxim more true, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Update: Found this link at Reuters. Seems like it was a coding glitch. Hmm. Fancy new web site. Coding glitch. Site down for the count.

Could be it’s time to fire the web developer(s) who made the coding glitch and fire the shithead(s) in the corporate suit(s) who decided to take a fully functional and not bad looking site and completely bork it.

Update 10-16-2004: Meg explains all.

Many of you have experienced problems using PayPal over the last few days. First we want to apologize for the way this has impacted your buying and selling activity and, for many of you, your businesses.

As we communicated earlier, the recent problems accessing the site and using PayPal functions were the result of unforeseen problems with new code that was launched on Friday 10/8 to upgrade the site architecture. While account data and personal information were never compromised, many users experienced difficulties using the PayPal functions to perform payment and shipping activities. Technology teams from both PayPal and eBay worked around the clock to bring the service back to normal as soon as possible.

PayPal functionality has been restored and PayPal users, on and off eBay, are able to resume normal trading activities. Going forward, our technical teams will continue to focus on ensuring that we provide the highest standard of reliability and safety on the PayPal platform.

Thank you for your patience during this process. Providing outstanding service is our top priority at PayPal. Although we didn’t meet your expectations — or our own — in the past few days, we look forward to the opportunity to regain your faith in our service.


Meg Whitman, President and CEO eBay
Matt Bannick, Senior Vice President, Global Online Payments, eBay
and General Manager, PayPal
Marty Abbott, Senior Vice President, Technology, eBay
Message Address: http://www2.ebay.com:80/aw/marketing.shtml#2004-10-14142423

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