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Birthday Rant.

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I’ve always thought otherwise perfectly professional and rational adults spent too much time making a fuss over other people’s birthdays. In my office, it’s just another excuse to eat cake. And give absolutely dreadful gifts. I had a disappointing experience this time out. All I’ll say about it is that sometimes, it really is better to just not do anything at all. Sometimes, it’s better to leave the person thinking you just forgot… Or: Get a card. Let them buy their own tacky stuff. Nuff said!

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Isn’t It Ironic?

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Alanis Would Surely Appreciate This! (To set the stage, I am a legal secretary. Part of my job is opening my boss’s mail.) So in today’s mail, first we have her copy of The Texas Lawyer. There’s an article on the front page about the law firm of Gardere & Wynne and their troubles with the SEC and how they’ve settled for $1.2 million. Still can’t wipe their hands totally clean, though. Okay, then I paw through the rest of the mail. What’s this? A beautiful, full-color announcement brochure from Gardere & Wynne. And they spent some bucks on this baby! What are they announcing? The establishment of their new White Collar Criminal Defense Practice! I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself! My boss came out of her office and when I pointed it out to her she cracked up. Thanks, G&W, I needed that!

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Take Five.

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I’m taking a quick break here at work to scarf down my lunch — a pimiento cheese sandwich, a smidge of leftover jambalaya that Robert (my other) half made this weekend, some watermelon, and a Big Red. Yummmm! I can’t wait to get out of this place Wednesday afternoon. Robert and I have made a pact with ourselves, we’ll work really hard to clean up the house Thursday and Friday when the rest of the world is eating barbecue and drinking beer and getting shit-faced. Then Saturday or Sunday, we’ll plan a day trip to somewhere….

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I’m sitting here bleary eyed in front of the computer for another hour and a half waiting to pounce on the YACCS server so I can sign up to get free commenting software. Which I may live to regret. Either no one will comment, or someone will tell me something I don’t want to hear. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out that long. The YACCS server only allows 100 new signups a day. That is 25 every six hours. Do the math. They are coming in droves…. Zzzzz.

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Eureka I’m Broke!

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I just remembered why I’m feeling so “blue” tonight. Tomorrow is payday and I have a &%$#-load of bills to pay and not a lot of money to do it with. (I take PayPal, Gentle Readers, so feel free!! Hint, hint, hint!) But, I’ve never met a financial problem I couldn’t solve with a little creative money wrangling. (Don’t worry, “laundry” and bank hold-ups are NOT involved. Just some shuffling!)

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Exit Stage Left.

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My week-long vacation officially started today. Goodbye stapler, goodbye to-do list (and everything on it), goodbye messy desk, goodbye deadlines! Will the office survive without me? I certainly hope so. When I was young I thought it was cool to be indispensible. Now I think it’s a royal pain in the rear. If I’m really doing my job right, they ought to be able to carry on in my absence. Gotta stop thinking about the office!

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Brain Fart.

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I just thought of something really creepy. How weird it would be to read the Blog of someone who just died, unexpectedly. Maybe they committed suicide or something. And there on their Blog, for all the world to see, are clues…. or perhaps not. Or just the fact that someone’s heart and soul is poured into their Blog. Hrm. Well that would be a nice legacy, I suppose. Laterz.