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Own a 1994-95 Altima?

Posted by Joni in General

After the National Highway Traffic Safety Association concluded its investigation, it is expected that Nissan Motor Corp. will recall 1994-95 Altimas due to airbag-related injuries. Read the Reuters article.

As anyone who knows me already knows, I am a Z-Car fanatic. Several years ago, Nissan had to recall thousands upon thousands of its 1984-89 300ZXs and 1986-90 Maximas due to problems with the fuel injectors. This recall campaign didn’t surface until the early to mid 1990s. And it mattered not whether you were the original owner. I happened to have just purchased, back in 1995, a 1984 300ZX 2+2. Several months after I bought it, a mechanic friend of mine told me about the recall campaign. A quick call to Nissan’s toll-free number with my VIN verified that the vehicle did indeed need its injectors replaced.

Nissan’s solution: They directed me to rent a car, gave me a code and their toll-free number, told me to give that information to the rental car company and run, not walk, to my nearest Nissan dealership to drop the car off for the recall campaign repairs.

I ended up in a 1996 Toyota Camry for 34 days while my car was waiting for parts that were on back order. I guess Nissan figured they’d rather pay to have the 300ZX and Maxima owners in a safe rental than risk them burning up in an injector-related car fire. Made sense to me. And that’s one reason I love Nissan to this day.

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