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One Lucky Bitch

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I just have to put this out there. Like the title says, I am one lucky bitch. One supremely blessed fool. And like most humans, ninety-nine percent of the time, I’m completely oblivious to just how fortunate I am. Until it seems I may lose that which I have taken for granted. And for that transgression, sometimes I think I don’t deserve what I have. Don’t deserve my wonderful husband or my best friend or my nice life or my well-paying job. Any or all of those could be gone tomorrow. Some of that is within my control and some isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ALL peaches and cream here. But it’s certainly not BAD. So there are a few people I should thank more often and appreciate more often than I do.

To Robo

Thanks for always believing in me and in letting me chase my rainbows, no matter where they led me. Thanks for nursing me through my cancer back in 1991 and for following me to Houston because we both realized we couldn’t bear to be apart. Thanks for showing me the beach at the age of 33 even though you suspected (and rightly so) that I would bitch about the heat, the humidity, and the sand in my shoes. Despite that, it was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. And I’m glad you’re the one I shared it with. Thanks for trying to prod me to be more diligent about managing my diabetes. You seem to have it licked, why can’t I? And thanks for this beautiful house we bought together, although I’m not too keen on how we got it. I’d rather have you walking and living in a hovel than paralyzed in a lovely home. Your health issues haven’t been the easiest to deal with of late, but you seem to be handling them a lot better than I am. Your patience, logic and coolheadedness are a much needed balance for my impatience, capriciousness and hotheadedness. Like salt and vinegar, we make a good team. You always were and always will be my soulmate. Remember Las Vegas and all the other adventures we’ve had over the past 30+ years? Let’s continue to have more!

To My Best Friend

Thanks for putting up with my difficult personality, my childish and inappropriate emotions, my bouts of anger. Now that I think about it, I wonder what the hell you even see in me. I know what I see in you. I see someone I want to know for the rest of my life. I see someone filled with drive, determination, spirit, hope, dreams, love. Lots and lots of love. Someone referred to you once as a Giant Walking Heart. I can think of no better description. Well, maybe one: A Big Fluffy Golden Prize. Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to, about our business, about Robo, about Big Law, about life, disappointment, failure, love, hate, web design, stupid people, cats, guinea pigs and everything in between. Thanks for sharing your great music tastes with me. Thanks for turning me on to literary gems like The Little Prince and The Bridge on the Drina. Life hasn’t been kind to you sometimes, and sometimes, neither have I. But it was never because I don’t care. They say we only hurt the ones we love. That explains a lot, but it doesn’t excuse it. I just hope to be deserving of your special and wonderful friendship. Or die trying. You are my best friend without whom I would be so lost. A lesser man would have walked away from me long before now. I promise to try to be the person you seem to see in me.

To My Mother

And as for my life, well, I have been pretty lucky. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I was born to a single, elderly mother struggling to get by on a widow’s pension and raising a daughter who demanded everything that any normal bratty child demanded. And most of the time, and as much as she could, my mother delivered. She taught me (whether this is good or bad remains to be seen) that there was NOTHING I couldn’t do or be or have, IF I wanted it bad enough. In all but one case, she’s been right about all of that so far. And I think she might like the person I am, although as my best friend recently pointed out to me, I do have my moments. But I want those to be fewer and farther between.

So what’s the takeaway from this post? What’s its purpose? To honor the two most important relationships in my life, to vow never to take either of them for granted, as I have been doing lately, and to give mad props to my mother, without whom all this madness might never have happened!

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