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One Helluva Disclaimer

Posted by Joni in General

I’ve been added to Madman’s web journal. He’s got this “disclaimer” on his blog page. If that doesn’t frighten you off, nothing will. Though I think it has the same effect as a really bad accident on the freeway. You tell yourself you won’t look (read), and as you drive by the carnage, you try not to look (read), and in fact even go so far as to turn your head away. But at the last minute, you find yourself looking (reading) in spite of yourself!!

For those fragile voyeurs that are easily offended, perhaps you should piss up a rope and go away. For those with the fortitude to continue; feel free to comment negatively or positively on anything you read here, madman doesn’t care. If he likes what you wrote he might not say a word, if he thinks you are a bible thumping puritan bastard, he may even feature you in one of his rants.

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